What are the top 5 sports that Americans bet on?

Americans gamble on all sorts of different sports. Some people enjoy watching the outcome of a game, but many people are more interested in betting on the product- for entertainment purposes only.

What Are The Top 5 Sports That Americans Bet On?

1. American Football- Many people believe that America is obsessed with football from high school to college to pro, and who can blame them? The NFL was rocked last season by a domestic violence scandal involving one of its most popular players, Ray Rice. However, that hasn't deterred Americans from betting on this sport.

2. Baseball- For many Americans, baseball holds a special place in their hearts and minds as one of their favorite pastimes. Whether a casual game of catch with friends or an intense match against an opponent, baseball games are loved by all ages across America. Baseball is played by over 30 million people nationwide, and with a national tournament organized yearly (the World Series), baseball is a popular sport to bet on.

3. Basketball- In basketball, there are league teams that people follow, but there are also many private clubs in which people can try and beat the odds to see who will win the championship or take home the grand prize. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a well-fought competition among many teams across America; this creates an exciting opportunity for people to make money on games!

4. Hockey- Many people have always loved the game, but it has only sometimes been considered a major sport. Over the past few years, however, hockey has gained more and more interest as a popular sport, and with new teams joining the league every year, it has become a fascinating game to bet on!

5. Soccer- Football may be America's favorite sport, but soccer is a close second (and third?). Soccer is played in all regions across America, from college to high schools to professional leagues like the MLS.

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